Fluoride Free Toothpastes

By Dentiste’ New Zealand

I made the switch to more natural toothpastes at the beginning of 2017, around the time that I decided to avoid fluoride as much as possible. Since then I’ve tried 3 fluoride free brands (including this one). And although the other 2 brands are great, this range is by far the front runner.  I don’t know why my expectations where so low but I went from a skeptic to a loyal, real quick.


  • The product is not NZ made (but the NZ site is a Kiwi business).
  • The packaging design itself is naff and needs to be brought into this century.
  • The price is more than other ‘natural toothpastes’ on the market.


  • There’s no fluoride or peroxide.
  • They include 14 natural extracts with antiseptic & antibacterial properties.
  • The taste & texture is a-ma-zing. I’ll talk about the taste of each further down but let’s just say this… they don’t have that gritty baking-soda-esque vibe that other more ‘natural toothpastes’ seem to have.
  • It’s a cruelty free brand.


Is that their range ‘helps combat morning breath’.
Here’s where I was skeptical (how could it possibly be that much better than every other toothpaste I’ve tried?) BUT after just a couple of weeks, my partner can confirm. It works. Looking at their site, it says they use ‘Cyclodextrin (CDX) Complex’ which traps ‘Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs)’… the main compound that causes bad breath. So scientific. All I know is that it certainly doesn’t get rid of bad breath over night but there is a noticeable & impressive improvement over time.

Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste

My favorite. This ‘original’ and the ‘sensitive’ are tops for me in terms of the taste (it brings back childhood memories of using my parents breath spray). I assume it’s something to with the menthol, eucalyptus and xylitol that gives it this unique taste but whatever it is, it’s much more distinct than other toothpastes.

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Dentiste’ Sensitive Toothpaste

 In terms of the sensitivity factor, I can’t vouch for that (I don’t have sensitive teeth) but taste wise, it is very similar to the ‘original’ which gets my thumbs up.

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Dentiste’ Premium & Natural White Toothpaste

 The taste is a little different to the other 2 but is still great. To me it’s just a tad sweeter which looking at the ingredients I’m guessing could be because of the glycerin? In terms of the ‘whitening’ factor, again I don’t feel like I can vouch here (I whiten my teeth quite often so they’re already quite white).

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Final thoughts…

This is clearly a premium product. For me the fact that it helps with morning breath, is just an added bonus. I was living in a land where I thought all fluoride free toothpastes had to be chalky & frothy and so I was far more impressed with how smooth the paste is and how fantastic it tastes.